Tuesday, 19 July 2011

I am working at the orphanage!

     I was wrong about nt working in SOS the orphanage! I actually got to start work today. I am part of a family home called the Austria house in the SOS village and there is the house "mother" and then ten kids in the house. Today there was a field day so the school had a bunch of sports going on so i got to hang out with a group of young girls in the stands and get completly fried by the sun. It was totally worth it though. The girls are some of the kindest most sweet little children I have ever met. They all call me Auntie Olivia.  Tomorrow I will start to teach the young ones of the house I'm working at how to read. I talked to Dorris the mother of the house and it shocked me how many orphans are in Ghanna. There are 3 categories in SOS. The abandoned, the orphans, and the destitute. Some kids don't know their parents and some don't even have parents. It really made me remember how lucky I am to live in such a stable and loving home.
     I changed living spots. I am now living with A woman named Edith who works at SOS. She is so awesome and full of energy. Her son (who is like OH MY GOD ADORABLE) is six years old and I've already decided if I decide to just stay in Ghana the rest of my life it's because of this little man.  He also calls me Auntie. It's a name that children call young ladies and older women who are mothers they call mommy.
     The project that I mentioned in the last post is not well thought out yet at all, but I am determined to make it work. There are programs in Ghanna that have people raise or send money to them so that they can build wells in villages in the remote parts of Ghanna. So if I started a program in Franklin and raised money then sent the money to the progran in Ghanna that would be prettttttty flippin cool. So that's y rough draft of my plans.
     Write more later! See you all soon!

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