Thursday, 14 July 2011

I'm homesick already...

     It's 1:30 AM over here in Ghana...I'm suppose to get up around five to journey to the north here in a few hours too...but you see...the dogs that i mentioned in the previous post? Ya know the "guard dogs?" are barking and howling louder than anything I've ever imagined to come out of a canines mouth. So here I am catching up on my blogging. At one o'clock in the morning, I repeat. 
    So today i had a bit of a rough start. You see the orphanage that I plan to start working at this coming Monday was having a graduation for the kindergardeners and my family and I wanted to go see it. But Vivian's car decided to overheat on our way there. So here we are. Walking around Accra. I must tell you...I am QUITE the minority over there. I feel a little odd walking down the markets and streets just because of the fact that I am stared at so much, along with my family. But everyone is very welcoming. That's actually what the standard is to say when you come into someones shop or home; "you are welcome here." Ghanians in general are very hospitable people. So anyhow, we take a taxi back to the house and get Vivian's other car to drive over to the school/orphanage. 
     The school/orphanage is called SOS. I'm not quite sure what that stands for yet, but it was actually a really nice place. I was really a bit confused with that part actually. They are funded by lots of sponsors and are really set up pretty well. SOS is actually not the sort of orphanage that you'd imagine. Yes, it takes in abandoned and orphaned children, but the beautiful part of it is that it also takes in children who's parents are not in the situation to take care of their children. Like lets say a woman had a baby and she still wants to see the child on a regular basis but also wants it to be raised in a good home, well SOS would take in that child, allow the mother to come see the child on occasion and also support and raise the child till its indepedent enough to be succesful on his or her own. So right now the kids who have sponsors (which are like foster parents) take those kids who's biological parents have the money to afford them to their homes for the summer. The children's who's parents can't afford that have to stay at SOS. Those are the children I will have the pleasure to hang out with.
      The graduation ceremony was awesome. I was totally jealous that mine wasn't this cool. They all dressed up in nice colorful outfits and danced around to drum music. It was a tribute to their culture and it was sweet as heck. And these kids knew how to dance! 
     Well I should try and sleep now I guess so goodnight everyone! Till tomorrow!

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